Category: Entree

Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie

When it comes to comfort food it’s hard to beat a chicken pot pie. I like to make the filling for the pie in my crock pot so I can spend the day working in the garden rather than the kitchen. At the end of the day the filling is ready to pour into a casserole dish, topped with a crust and baked into to a golden pie.

Pekin Duck With Mandarin Sauce

Pekin duck sounds like a fancy dish, but it’s actually just as easy to prepare as chicken. Also known as Long Island duck, Pekin is the most common duck meat served in the U.S. This recipe uses a citrus-ginger sauce to flavor the duck. It’s a wonderful alternative to turkey or ham at holiday meals.

Prime Rib

Whenever I cook I try to stick to a few basic principles. The first one is to keep it simple and the second is to use the freshest ingredients possible. A little bit of olive oil, garlic and herbs are all you need to make this outstanding prime rib.

Mustard Crusted Rack Of Lamb

Here’s a savory dish that will be a favorite at your dinner table. This rack of lamb can be marinated 6 hours ahead of time in the refrigerator – a great time saver for a dinner party.


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