P. Allen Smith has a passion for American style. Whether its old-school flocks, eating local or green innovations, Smith combines them all into the farm he designed at Moss Mountain, a place grounded in historic precedent, inspired by regional influences and guided by modern day innovation, as he writes a new chapter in the evolution of the classic American farm.

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Seasonal Recipes From The Garden

America’s best-known gardener and garden designer celebrates the bounty of each season with recipes of flavorful fruits, vegetables, and herbs at their garden-fresh best.

Garden Home

After walking us through his own “garden home” and explaining why he made the choices he did, Allen introduces his 12 principles of garden design, discussing such topics as a sense of enclosure, framing the view, texture, pattern, rhythm, and, of course, color.

Living In The Garden Home

Allen inspires us to extend the definition of living space to our gardens, transforming them into places of ever-changing beauty that are woven into the fabric of our lives.

Colors Of The Garden

In this landmark guide to transforming your garden settings into living works of art, bestselling author and celebrity home garden designer P. Allen Smith draws on his talents as both master gardener and artist to offer simple ways to create gardens that burst with color.

Bringing The Garden Indoors

Whether it’s growing a citrus tree in your kitchen, using boxed plants to decorate your dining table, or forcing bulbs into bloom and showcasing them in a fantastic flea market find or a family heirloom, Allen’s sixty-five fail-safe projects are pure inspiration for every room in your home.

Container Gardens

With this book, P. Allen Smith shows how to create a beautiful container garden.  Allen shares the secrets he uses to make his eye-catching arrangements, as well as special planting and display tips for placement in your garden.

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