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Refreshing Mint Ice Cream

mint ice cream

Nothing can breathe new life into a Southerner like a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer evening. For this recipe, I’ve chosen to use what I think is one of the most refreshing flavors–mint. And I have so much of it growing in the garden, it was time for me to come up with a new way to use it.

Sprinkle some dark chocolate shaving on top of this ice cream, and you’ve got yourself a delicious little treat!

Blackberry Jam Cake

This cake is included in my book, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. It’s a modified version of my grandmother Margie Hanes Smith’s recipe. I believe this recipe came to her from her mother, my great-grandmother Hanes, who used blackberry jam as a way to sweeten the cake. Back then sugar was scarce, so jam and sorghum molasses were often used as sweeteners.

This cake can be served with or without Ma Smith’s caramel sauce.

Easter Bunny Bark


With Easter approaching, we see the grocery store shelves fill with some of the most delightful candy creations of the year. If you have a hard time choosing between malted milk eggs, pastel M&M’s, chocolate rabbits and more, well, you don’t have to. This recipe for Easter Bunny Bark brings together your favorite candies in one simple, sugar-filled, easy-to-make recipe.


Make it with the kids and leave it out to entice a visit from the Easter Bunny, or serve it up at Easter brunch.  Anyway you dish it up, you can’t go wrong with this candy-coated pastel confection.