Equipment for Gardening in Comfort

All that kneeling, stooping and squatting in the garden can really wear us out. And sometimes hauling heavy things from one place to another just isn’t doable, especially when there’s a long list of to-dos. There are a couple pieces of equipment I keep on hand to make garden tasks a little easier.

Garden ScootGarden Scoot AM Leonard equipment

The Garden Scoot is great for getting around and taking a lot of the stress out of tedious chores like pruning, weeding, and harvesting. It even has a tray under the seat for your tools and a storage basket on the back that can hold a five-gallon bucket. You can plant and weed in raised beds and containers from the seat of the Scoot instead of kneeling on the ground. The same goes for pruning your hedges.

The Garden Scoot isn’t just for the garden either. Instead of stooping down, use the Scoot to wash your car tires, repair equipment or clean out the bottom cabinets in the tool shed.

Garden Glide

AM Leonard Garden Glide equipmentI also love having the Garden Glide around. Wheelbarrows can be cumbersome and not ideal for hauling certain things like large containers. I use the Garden Glide to move heavy planters from one part of the farm to another. And because it sits low to the ground, you don’t have to lift heavy objects very high to get them on the glide. At the end of a long day in the garden, I can load up empty containers and tools and take them all back to the storage shed in one trip. What’s not to love about that?