Growing as a Community through Gardening

There’s something about seeing a fruit ripen on the vine or a flower slowly blooming that is just fascinating. With an increase in garden-centered communities and sustainable city initiatives, a new way of gardening is on the rise.The therapeutic nature of playing in the dirt appeals to all demographics, especially in the digital age when we’re spending more time than ever in front of screens. What better way to build a supportive, energetic community than by planting together? New growers can learn a lot from wiser, more seasoned gardeners who have tried and true methods of creating successful gardens.

To celebrate and share the bounty of each season’s harvest, why not host a community potluck? It’s such a simple idea built around relationships grounded in living soil!

This is a new take on a traditional backyard party: instead of casseroles, everyone brings their fresh produce for the community meal—greens for the salad, veggies for the grill, and of course berries for dessert—and a little bit extra to donate to the local food bank.