Which SunPatiens are Right for You?

How well do you know your SunPatiens?

There’s a lot to love about SunPatiens, the annual that will give you constant blooms from spring through frost. Once they’re established, they don’t need much except for water, and they’ll grow in shade and full sun. 

Did you know that there are three types of SunPatiens?

Compact SunPatiens

Compact Tropical Rose SunPatiens

Compact SunPatiens can grow 14-32″ tall and 14-24” wide. Warmer night temperatures, like those in the South and Southeast, result in stronger growth while SunPatiens planted in cooler, northern locations are somewhat shorter. Compact SunPatiens have a somewhat mounded shape and are perfect for containers.

Spreading SunPatiens

Spreading Carmine Red SunPatiens

Spreading SunPatiens provide more coverage than Compact SunPatiens, with the plant width typically exceeding its height. Spreading SunPatiens can grow 18-36″ tall and 24-36” wide. 

Their aggressive spreading nature allows you to plant further apart (14-24” spacing) and increase your coverage, compared to traditional annuals. This type of SunPatiens is ideal for hanging baskets or areas where you need quick “fill-in.”

Vigorous SunPatiens

Vigorous SunPatiens

The Vigorous SunPatiens make a big visual impact! Use them to create a backdrop or massive color display.  Vigorous varieties can grow 24-42” tall and 24-30” wide in the garden and are ideal for large landscapes. Like the Spreading series, Vigorous SunPatiens are great for “fill-ins” and ground cover.