Which Crescent Garden Container is the One for You?

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[bg_collapse view=”link” color=”#74B974″ icon=”eye” expand_text=”10% or less” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]You have an appreciation for art and like to think outside the box. You don’t shy away from color. Eye Am is the perfect container for you with its attention-grabbing design and cool color choices.[/bg_collapse]

[bg_collapse view=”link” color=”#74B974″ icon=”eye” expand_text=”11 – 20%” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]You’re a nature lover with an appreciation for the simple things in life. You like to grow your own food, so the Delano Oval Bowl is a perfect addition to your garden! It’s great for growing greens and other veggies, even if you have limited space.[/bg_collapse]

[bg_collapse view=”link” color=”#74B974″ icon=”eye” expand_text=”21 – 35%” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Your style leans more traditional. You’re not too concerned with trends and love timeless, classic décor elements. The Estate Planter will look great as part of your landscape or on your front porch. [/bg_collapse]

[bg_collapse view=”link” color=”#74B974″ icon=”eye” expand_text=”35% and above” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]You love sleek, modern design—clean lines and a neutral color palette. The Bowery Planter will fit in perfectly with your aesthetic![/bg_collapse]