Charboneau Rum: Handmade on the Mississippi

Charboneau Distillery is the realization of a long-time dream. In the 1990s Regina and Doug Charboneau traveled to the islands where they had really good rum and over the years studied the product more and more. When they returned to Regina’s hometown of Natchez, MS, in the 2000s and found themselves in the middle of sugarcane country, everything “clicked.”

About Charboneau Rum

Charboneau rum is made from a mixture of molasses, raw sugar and yeast. They use raw sugar and molasses from a nearby Louisiana mill and purified Natchez municipal water. Charboneau is ranked as the number one rum made in the U.S.

When Doug found the property that is now the Charboneau distillery, Regina fell in love with the adjacent building. It happens to be the oldest building in Natchez. She restored it and turned it into a restaurant, King’s Tavern, wood-fire oven restaurant that specializes in hand-made flatbreads, small batch liquors and unique cocktails made from the delicious rum that she and her son produce.

Check out the rum production process at Charboneau Distillery.