“Green” Bleach Alternative

We all love fresh, clean clothes, but we may not be crazy about using bleach. Using common household ingredients, you can have your clothes and linens crisp and bright, naturally.

Green alternatives to chlorine bleach:

  • Baking soda. Take 1 cup and add it to the laundry detergent you’re already using. You’ll find that your whites come out brighter and cleaner.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Add 1 cup of peroxide to the wash, especially for whites. Start your washing machine cycle. Let the machine fill with water. Before it engages, take pour in the cup of peroxide. Let it sit there for one hour, then close the lid, engage the washer, and let it go through its cycle. Peroxide is also really good for getting out tough stains such as blood. Soak the stain with peroxide for a while before you throw that item into the washer.
  • Ultraviolet light. Hanging clothes out on a line will help to brighten and freshen your linens and clothes. Plus you’re not using energy, so it’s another green approach.