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A Journey of Inspiration: My Trip to Cashiers, North Carolina for the Cashiers Designer Showhouse Event

I recently had the joy of visiting the charming town of Cashiers, North Carolina, where the annual Cashiers Designer Showhouse event unfolded as a feast for the eyes and soul. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, the event serves as a vital fundraiser for the Cashiers Historical Society. Designers transformed a luxurious custom-built home into a masterpiece of color, texture, and light, offering attendees a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of interior design. The highlight of my trip was sharing stories and insights at the Canyon Kitchen at Lonesome Valley—an exchange that reminds me how sharing creativity enriches us all.

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Health Benefits of Gardening

I’ve always sensed that gardens have a magical quality. Perhaps this is why I’ve spent a lifetime visiting, studying and designing them. Many are beautifully arresting while others, such as those focused on food, are highly productive. I’ve found some of the smallest or those assembled by ‘amateurs’ or enthusiasts to be some of this most compelling.

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Previous Next Herrington Estate The Garden At White Gates I’ve often said that designing a garden for someone is a very personal act of creativity.

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Shade-Loving Plants: Hostas & Ferns

For gardeners scratching their heads over what to plant in those areas of low light, it’s often the Hosta that comes to mind. And the plant regularly recommended by gardening friends or attendants a garden centers. And, for good reason.

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Growing Peonies

For me peonies have always represented a flower of great abundance, bringing joy to all those who experienced them. We all owe a debt of gratitude to all those over the past thousand years or so who participated in the cultivation and improvement of peonies through thoughtful hybridization.

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