Prepping Hydrangeas for Vase Life

I just love hydrangeas both in the garden and in the house. My friend J Schwanke from uBloom has some great tips for getting the most out of your cut hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Care

  • Cut your hydrangeas early in the morning, right when the sun comes up or just before, when they are fully hydrated.hydrangeas
  • Take a bucket with you to the garden. As you cut your hydrangeas, place them directly into water.
  • Back in the house, cut hydrangea stems at a 45-degree angle, which will allow water to travel up the stem once the flower is placed in a vase.
  • Add some ice cubes to your vase. This keeps the hydrangeas turgid and keeps bacteria at bay.
  • Before putting your flower in the vase, one option is to dip the cut stem into powdered alum then place into ice cold water. This causes the hydrangea’s vascular system to tighten up and helps the hydrangeas remain full.

Watch J go through these tips for keeping your cut hydrangeas in tip-top shape: