Pumpkin Planter

If you love the fall tradition of decorating with pumpkins, you’ll enjoy this great way to get maximum usage out of harvest time’s favorite gourd. Why not use a pumpkin as a vessel for veggies, herbs and flowers to get your money’s worth?

Creating a Pumpkin Planter

This pumpkin planter is perfect for composting after it has lost its luster.

I have found the fatter, flatter-bottomed pumpkins work best for this project.

As with any project involving pumpkins, this one starts with carving an opening and cleaning out the guts. You’ll want a sizable hole so that your plants fit nicely.Once you’ve cleaned out the pumpkin, you can carve a design on the face of paint something. Fill the pumpkin about halfway with soil, leaving plenty of room for your plants.

Settle your plant into the pumpkin and water it as you would if it was in a regular container.

When your pumpkin planter starts to look a little worse for wear, you can plant it directly in the ground. As the pumpkin begins to break down, it will provide your young plants with extra nutrients that they’ll be sure to enjoy .

It’s important to note that if you choose to paint your pumpkin, you shouldn’t plan it in the ground. This will keep harmful chemicals out of your soil. Get creative and have some fun!