Spice Up Your Winter Windowsill with Herbs

Though most herbs prefer to bask in the summer sun, many will grow well on a windowsill in the winter, too. But choose your indoor herbs wisely, some will perform better than others, and don’t want to waste time and money on herbs that won’t produce. They may grow taller than outdoor plants and may not be as full and bushy, but you can still collect enough herbs to get you through. It’s best to start with established plants, rather than trying to grow from seed. You can also dig up herbs in the garden before winter hits, pot them and let them overwinter inside. Here’s a few more quick tips to start your indoor herb garden.

Tips for growing herbs:
Choose a window that gets about 4 hours of sun a day. South or southwest facing windows work best.

Start with a good potting mix. Then give them good drainage but use a pot that won’t dry out quickly. Glazed or plastic containers work best for this.

Keep herbs away from glass during colder temperatures. They can also dry out faster when the heat is on, so make sure they’re watered at least once a week.

Fertilize once a month if you’re harvesting regularly.

Recommended herbs:

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