Growing Super Blueberries

Just about any kind of berry you can name, I’m crazy about. I especially love blueberries. You might call these nature’s little superheroes when it comes to nutrition. They’re packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Blueberrieblueberriess can be a little challenging to grow but if you get a few things right, you’ll find it pretty easy. Now you want to keep in mind that most blueberries require two different varieties to pollinate and set fruit so you need at least two varieties when you get started, which isn’t such a bad idea anyway. Not only is the fruit really attractive, but in the fall these plants have beautiful foliage. It looks like it’s on fire.

Something to keep in mind about the culture of blueberries–they like really acidic soil. Some blueberry farmers use ammonium sulfate to help make the soil a little more acidic. You want to plant them high in a really loose kind of soil. I like to put them in raised beds. To keep the soil consistently moist, I use a straw mulch, but you could use compost or something like that. They also grow well in containers so don’t let space be a limitation for you to grow these wonderful fruits.

There are lots of varieties and even more being developed all the time. So there’s a blueberry out there for you!

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