I have a beautiful kalanchoe. If I clip off the faded flowers, will it rebloom? I was told that I could put the dead flowers into the soil and I might get a new plant. Is this true? Please let me know what to do.

Kalanchoes are one of the longest flowering houseplants that I know of. I like these plants because they are tough and easy to grow. They have thick glossy leaves and the plants are covered in tiny buds and flowers. Plus they come in a wide range of colors so I can always find one to fit my decor.

While many people simply throw out the plants after they stop blooming, if you are a houseplant lover, it really pays off to keep them around because it is simple to encourage them to rebloom. Just snip back the spent flowers, place the plant in bright, indirect light and fertilize with an all-purpose plant food twice a month. Before you know it, your plants will be covered in flowers again!

When it comes to propagating, kalanchoes couldn’t be easier. The information you received is true, except that it is the leaf you should use and not the flower. All you have to do is take a leaf and lay it on moist soil. In about 3 weeks, little babies will begin to emerge at each notch in the leaf.