Lion’s Tail

Could you help me find lion’s tail seeds? It seems no one knows of this plant and I cannot find the seeds anywhere.

Leonotis, or lion’s tail or lion’s ear, is a summer blooming annual with a noble yet curious stature, growing as tall as 5 feet or more. In the past I’ve planted some in my garden along a picket fence with one of the tallest old-fashioned daylilies, ‘Hyperion,’ as a bedfellow. The yellow daylilies were a good match for the orange leonotis blooms and the heights of the 2 plants were compatible.

Leonotis is native to South Africa and was valued for its medicinal qualities. This plant requires full sun and is drought tolerant but benefits from deep soakings on occasion. In cooler climates leonotis can be started indoors by seed and set out after the first frost.

One source that I am familiar with that sells leonotis is Nichols Garden Nursery. You can find them on the web at