Dry Hanging Geraniums for Winter

Had an uncle that would hang geranium plants upside-down near a window in his basement in the late fall. In Spring he would prepare them to come back from looking dead and they would grow beautifully. Can you tell me more about this process? I was fairly small child when he was doing this, and did not pay real good attn. I would appreciate a response as I have tried, in vane to find out more about this process of keeping them till the next Spring. Thank you so much. Margie

Hanging your plants to dry is the old-fashioned way to overwinter your geraniums. Before the first frost, remove your plants from the garden. Clean any soil off the roots and hang upside down in a cool, moist area. The plants will need plenty of humidity and temperatures that do not drop below 35 degrees. A basement is ideal. Occasionally, you will need to check the plants to see if the are too dry. If this is the case, take them down and soak the roots in water for an afternoon. After the last frost date in your area, take the plants down, cut back 1/2 to 3/4 of the plant’s height, and replant outdoors.