Poinsettias, Rebloom

I have a poinsettia from last Christmas and I want it to bloom this coming Christmas. What should I do?

Here is a quick guide to caring for your poinsettias after the holidays. I’ve been following these suggestions since I ran our family nursery and they have always been successful for me.

After the holidays continue to care for your poinsettias as you would any other houseplant. Fertilize every three to four months.

When the bracts, or colored leaves fade, cut the stems back to eight inches from the base.

Place plants outside in the spring when temperatures get above 50 degrees, first in indirect light and later in direct light.

If your plant becomes too leggy, cut it back. You may need to do this twice during the summer.

On Labor Day move the plant indoors and place it in an area where it can receive at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

Starting in early October confine plant to 14 hours of total darkness and 10 hours of light per day. Do this until mid-December. This should force the green bracts to color again.