Scented Geraniums

Pelargoniums or scented geraniums are cousins to the more common zonal geraniums. And while their flowers aren’t nearly as showy, the aroma of their foliage certainly makes up for any lack of blooms.

There are over 50 different species of scented geraniums grown. Each of them has its own distinct aroma.

Gardeners have become avid collectors of them. And once you’ve experienced their heavenly scents you’ll know why. There is a wide range of flavors from lemon and nutmeg, to peppermint and chocolate. There’s a scent for everyone.

Scented geraniums can be grown outdoors during the summer but they should be brought inside before the first autumn frost with your other houseplants.

As with other geraniums, pelargoniums should be placed in a bright sunny window that gets about 4 hours of sun each day. Keep them on the dry side and do not fertilize. They may begin to look a bit rough but next spring, when the temperatures warm, up they will once again thrive in your garden.

When I owned a nursery we carried many varieties of scented geraniums. My advise for finding these plants is to first check your local garden centers. You should start with places that specialize in herbs. Many nurseries will special order plants for you as well.