To the Greeks, rosemary was an herb used to enhance the memory. So, it became associated with remembrance. It was named to honor the Virgin Mary, called the Rose of Mary, or later shortened to rosemary. There are a lot of stories in folklore about this plant, but I grow it for its beauty in the garden and its flavor in the kitchen.

Rosemary is an easy herb to grow when you understand a little bit about its background. A native of the Mediterranean, it prefers a warm, sunny and dry environment.

It is not cold hardy throughout the country, most varieties will not survive below 15 to 20 degrees F. But don’t let this keep you from growing rosemary. This herb is ideally suited for container gardening. I keep a pot just outside my kitchen door.

You can also plant it, container and all, in the garden. Just lift it out of the ground when temperatures begin to drop in fall and bring it indoors.

When you bring rosemary inside for winter, put it in a sunny window (south facing is ideal) and be careful not to overwater it. The roots can easily rot. An occasional misting can help if it gets too dry in your house.