Abundant Tulip Container

When it comes to the spring season there is one flower that I just can’t resist and that is the tulip. It is a classic beauty that can really put on a show. In my garden I plant tulips in lots of different places including containers, which can be a real show stopper if you plant them just the right way.

To begin, select a container, you can use anything you like. For this particular design I will use a terra cotta pot that is 17 inches in diameter. Next fill your container with a fast draining potting mix. Fill it up to about 6 inches within the rim of the container. Next moisten the soil to allow it to settle and remove any air pockets.

Now it is just a matter of getting all the bulbs placed and for the best display, I like to really pack them in, shoulder to shoulder or cheek to jowl as they say. I used 50 bulbs in my 17 inch container and next year when they bloom it will be nothing short of spectacular. I chose the variety ‘Menton’ because I like the salmon pink color.

Now with the bulbs in place it is just a matter of covering them with about 5 inches of potting soil. Leave about a 1 inch gap between the top of the soil and the rim of the container for watering purposes.

Tulip ContainerWith the bulbs planted I’ll move the container to a shady part of the garden, out of the way, and I’ll keep it there all winter, just checking on it occasionally to make sure the soil has consistent moisture.

If you live in part of the country where you cold winters are the norm, one way to help insulate the container is to take wire mesh and create a band around the container with about 6 inches between the container and the wire. Stuff the space with straw and leaves.

Then in the spring when the tulips begin to emerge move the pot out into a sunny location.

Remember if you want tulips in your garden in the spring you have to plant in the fall. Before you know it your tulip container will make a spectacular display that you can use in to any of your garden rooms.