Clustering Containers

I came across some containers tucked away in my storeroom recently. They’re all nice but in different styles and shapes. Any suggestions on how I can use them in the garden without looking like I just threw them together in a hodgepodge?

Well, I’ll tell you, as you can imagine, over the years I’ve collected lots of different kinds of containers, and each spring, I’m confronted with the same dilemma,

Now, one of the things you can consider is try to find one central element – maybe the color or material of these containers – and group the similar ones together. You can cluster the containers with the taller and wider ones in the back and work your way down to smaller containers.

Consider filling the back pot with something tall and spiky. Then fill in the middle pots with something that mounds, and in the front, let the cascading elements spill out. Also, remember that cascading plants can help you hide containers that are a little worn.

I think whenever you can mass things together and create abundance in the garden, it’s a great principle of design to follow.