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Window Treatment Ideas with Tobi Fairley

Hello Allen’s readers! It’s great to be back with you today. I hope spring is treating you well and that you’re soaking up some sun!

Being a Southern girl, I’m especially fond of the warmer temps and longer days we have this time of year. I also love natural light and the beauty that it can bring to any room!

Tall panels like these make the room “guest-ready” and opening them allows plenty of light to shine throughout the space. Since living rooms are such a multipurpose space, it can be nice to maintain some formality while still making your window treatments work for everyday use.

Most people typically think of using roman shades in kitchens or baths. However, they make a fantastic option for bedrooms, too. Having one near a bed can provide extra light for reading, too. For this room, I matched the panel to the duvet and shams to create a polished look.

If you like to entertain, you know that lighting can make or break any event. Blending blinds with panels gives you more control over how much light you let into the room. Here I paired matching cornices and panels with plantation shutters to give the room a more formal or “dressed” look.

If you live in an area that’s lucky enough to get warm temps for more than a few months out of the year, you might also consider changing out your draperies for a fun summer pattern made from a lightweight material. As a color lover, my motto is “go bold or go home.”

These bright, punchy fabrics from my Tobi Fairley Home line are a testament to that and I think they can bring a bit of happy to any room. See the full line at TobiFairleyHome.com.

Speaking of windows, I’m also excited to be a guest speaker at this year’s Vision Conference in Chicago, April 23 – 26. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite trends for windows and more about my business and design philosophy. If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there.

Happy Decorating!



Creative Curtain Tie Back Ideas

I love to add seasonal creative touches to my rooms, but more often than not a drastic change isn’t in the budget. Instead of getting a new couch, I’ll try a slip cover. In place of new lighting, I’ll add a new lampshade. And when comes to curtains, I can try different creative curtain tie backs instead of entirely new window treatments.

There are plenty of things around the house that you can use to spice up your curtains. In the cool months, a wool scarf can be a fun way to tie the drapery together and add a splash of color. If you’re just looking for a pop of color, why not try a neck tie or ribbon? And if you’re trying to add an earthy feel to a room, add a natural material like burlap.

How you tie these curtains is just as important as what you tie them with. Are you tying one large curtain down the middle of a window? Are you separating two curtains to the side? They create very different looks and effects. One thing that I like is to pull the curtains to the side of a window, adding a framing effect. If you don’t want to drive a nail into your woodwork to hold the curtains, though, there are all kinds of attachments that you can use. Most hooks are very inexpensive and very unobtrusive with small adhesives for easy and non-permanent wall-mounting. And if you’re hoping to hide that hook, use a piece of the fabric you’ve decided on for the tie back, make a small loop out of it, attach it to the hook and pull the ends of the tie back through the loop and apart. It adds a little refinement and is incredibly simple.

When it comes to tie backs, any number of reasons could prompt you to create new ones- sometimes they get lost, maybe you didn’t order them, perhaps there wasn’t any fabric left, or maybe it’s just time for a new look. Let the imagination kick in and do something creative.

What’s Your Window Style?

One of the quickest ways you can update a room is with window treatments. New drapes, blinds or shades will give your living space new life and enhance the view to the outdoors.

I went to the experts at The Shade Store for advice about window treatments for the artist studio, kitchen and front parlor at Moss Mountain Farm.

  • Window treatments to consider: drapes, shutters, shades, blinds.
  • Use the room’s architecture, décor, and the size of the windows to determine what type of treatments you want to use. Some to consider:
    • Drapes – Add visual warmth, create height
    • Roman Shades – Nice for smaller windows and casement windows; wide variety of patterns, colors and textures; clean lines
    • Wood Blinds – Suited for both modern and traditional décor
    • Roller Shades – Sleek look, great for casement windows, personalize with unique pulls or embellished bottom bar
  • Hang drapery rods at least 6 inches above the window to draw the eye up and make rooms more spacious.

Roman Shades from The Shade Store

  • Small windows will appear larger if you choose a curtain rod that is wider than the window frame. Go about 18 inches wider on each side. This has the added benefit of being able to push the drapery panels to either side of the window to allow in more light.
  • A slight break at the bottom of the drape will add fullness. Tack on an additional 1 to 3 inches to the length. Longer if the drapes will be tied back most of the time.
  • Roman shades are a great way to add pattern or color to your room. You can use any material you want – patterned, rough texture, smooth.
  • When measuring windows for treatments that will fit inside the window frame, measure at 3 locations. For width measure at the top, middle and bottom. The smallest of the 3 measurements in your width. For height measure the left, center and right. The largest of the 3 measurements is your height.
  • To create continuity coordinate window hardware with drawer pulls, door knobs, etc. in the room.
  • Choosing a natural material like linen will allow the light to come through while affording some privacy. To protect the fabric from sun bleaching, get it lined.
  • Vertical stacking panels on a sliding track are ideal for sliding glass doors in both function and form.

Drapery Pleat Styles

Pinch Pleat
Pinch Pleat Drapes from The Shade Store
photo courtesy of The Shade Store

Ripple Fold
Ripple Fold Drapes from The Shade Store
photo courtesy of The Shade Store

Tailored Pleat
Tailored Pleat Drapes from The Shade Store
photo courtesy of The Shade Store

Grommet Drape
Gromet Drapes from The Shade Store
photo courtesy of The Shade Store

Inverted Pleat
Inverted Pleat Drapes from The Shade Store
photo courtesy of The Shade Store

Rod Pocket Drape
Rob Pocket Drapes from The Shade Store
photo courtesy of The Shade Store

Some Great Options from The Shade Store

I chose drapes and Roman shades for the kitchen in my home, but The Shade Store also offers roller shades, wood blinds, woven blinds and pleated shades, and vertical blinds and panels. The Shade Store’s shades and drapes are custom made, which means they can outfit any window size.

Be sure to take advantage of their free samples and many of their window treatments ship for free. You have to love free shipping.

Shop their store online at www.TheShadeStore.com.

Drapes from The Shade Store

Wood Blinds from The Shade Store

Natural Blinds from The Shade Store
photo courtesy of The Shade Store