Creative Curtain Tie Back Ideas

I love to add seasonal creative touches to my rooms, but more often than not a drastic change isn’t in the budget. Instead of getting a new couch, I’ll try a slip cover. In place of new lighting, I’ll add a new lampshade. And when comes to curtains, I can try different creative curtain tie backs instead of entirely new window treatments.

There are plenty of things around the house that you can use to spice up your curtains. In the cool months, a wool scarf can be a fun way to tie the drapery together and add a splash of color. If you’re just looking for a pop of color, why not try a neck tie or ribbon? And if you’re trying to add an earthy feel to a room, add a natural material like burlap.

How you tie these curtains is just as important as what you tie them with. Are you tying one large curtain down the middle of a window? Are you separating two curtains to the side? They create very different looks and effects. One thing that I like is to pull the curtains to the side of a window, adding a framing effect. If you don’t want to drive a nail into your woodwork to hold the curtains, though, there are all kinds of attachments that you can use. Most hooks are very inexpensive and very unobtrusive with small adhesives for easy and non-permanent wall-mounting. And if you’re hoping to hide that hook, use a piece of the fabric you’ve decided on for the tie back, make a small loop out of it, attach it to the hook and pull the ends of the tie back through the loop and apart. It adds a little refinement and is incredibly simple.

When it comes to tie backs, any number of reasons could prompt you to create new ones- sometimes they get lost, maybe you didn’t order them, perhaps there wasn’t any fabric left, or maybe it’s just time for a new look. Let the imagination kick in and do something creative.