Wow Your Guests with a DIY Floral Chandelier

Making a floral chandelier may seem like something best left to the professionals, but if you take your time and have the right tools, you can create your own masterpiece.

Supplies for a Floral Chandelier 

DIY floral chandelier– Flowers (4-5 big blooms – 2 different styles; 3-4 medium sized blooms – 2 different styles; 4-5 small flowers for filler)

– Foliage, About 6-7 stems/bundles

– Wire wreath ring, 16″-18″

– Florist’s wire

-Floral shears

– Wire cutters

– String/Twine

– Scissors

Assembling a Floral Chandelier

1. Measure and cut 3-5 pieces of string at 4 ft each. (The larger the ring the more strings you’ll need.)

2. Tie each piece of string to the wreath ring using a double knot at equal points.

3. Hold strings at the top, lifting the ring up off the surface to ensure all strings are equal in length and the ring is level.

4. Loop and knot the string at the top.

5. Prep foliage by clipping off individual stems with floral shears.

6. Position stem on the ring. Using a few inches of wire, wrap the wire around the stems and the ring in a spiral motion. Leave a little stem at the end.

7. Repeat around the ring clockwise.

8. Add large blooms in the same fashion, spaced out more.

9. Start filling in gaps with medium and small blooms, using less wire.

10. To make your floral chandelier last longer, you can enclose stems using floral water tubes/vials.