Do Less Labor this Labor Day Weekend

A holiday weekend is a good time to tackle some of those projects around the house and garden that you’ve been putting off. Weeding your garden beds is probably one of them. It seems that weeds grow faster than the plants we actually want to grow, and getting rid of the weeds is no fun. But, with the right tools, you can get the weeds out efficiently and will have more time to do something fun.

The Leonard Cape Cod Weeder is a time-tested tool for effectively cutting weeds below the surface. It’s great for weeding between stone and paved pathways. If you need a longer handle for more reach into your garden, try A.M. leonard weedingthe Leonard Long Handled Cape Cod Weeder that also comes with a long-handled trowel.

The Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife is a helpful multi-purpose tool to add to your collection. The six-inch blade has one tapered slicing edge and one edge that is deeply serrated for root cutting. It will come in handy for cutting the roots of tough weeds and digging them up. The Soil Knife is also useful for dividing and planting, removing rocks, and cutting through twine and ties.

The Leonard Solid Cast Aluminum Weeder with Gel Grip is forked, which is excellent for uprooting dandelions and thistles. Its narrow design makes it an ideal tool for weeding in tight spots, and the polished, smooth aluminum keeps soil from sticking.

Arm yourself with some of these tools, and you’ll be done tackling those weeds in no time!