Watermelon’s 5 Buddies in the Garden

Watermelon may just be the “Miss Congeniality” of the garden. Unlike most fruits and veggies, watermelons don’t have any real enemies in the garden. But, certain edibles and flowers definitely make better bedfellows for watermelons than others.

watermelon buddiesWhen thinking about companion planting, you must consider the plants’ growing requirements and pests. Cucumber beetles can be a big problem for watermelon plants. The larvae feed on the roots stems and can kill the seedlings. Adult cucumber beetles feed on the leaves and stems of the plant and can kill it.

watermelon buddies

The good news is that certain plants help keep cucumber beetles at bay. Like radishes and corn. You can plants them near your watermelons, just make sure the corn doesn’t tower over the vines too much, since watermelon plants need full sun to thrive.

Marigolds and nasturtiums are great companions for just about every edible plant, and they both repel cucumber beetles. For general pest control, flowering oregano works well too.

Just make sure you allow plenty of space for your watermelons to grow. The vines can reach 20 feet in length.