DIY Decorated Terra Cotta Pots

When it comes to container plantings, I like to get creative with the plants and play with colors and textures. I’m a huge fan of terra cotta pots and have them all over the farm and house. But, I love the idea of re-imagining them into something fun and whimsical. Here are the step-by-step instructions to recreate these looks.

DIY Decorated Terra Cotta Pots

Materials for DIY Decorated Terra Cotta Pots

  • Terra cotta pots
  • White chalkboard paint
  • Rubber band
  • Circle stickers
  • Acrylic paint (We used white, pink, purple, and black.)

Instructions for DIY Terra Cotta Pots

Start with a terra cotta pot spray painted with white chalkboard paint.

Pink scalloped edges: Paint the rim of the pot pink or the color of your choice. Let it dry. Cut circle stickers in half and place on the rim of the pot to create a scalloped edge. After you place the stickers DIY Decorated Terra Cotta Potson the pot, paint the whole pot with white acrylic paint. Wait for it to dry. Then remove the stickers to reveal the pink scalloped edge.

Pink and purple: Place rubber bands around the pot in any order or design that you’d like. Paint over the section of rubber bands with any color you’d like. Once the paint is dry, remove the rubber bands.

Black and white abstract: Paint the bottom of your pot black. Once the paint has dried, place your rubber bands around the bottom of the pot. Then paint that section white. Once dry, remove the rubber bands.

Black polka dots: Dip the bottom end of your paint brush in black paint to create dots on the pot.