Add Whimsy and Warts to Fall Decor with Toad Pumpkins

toads 16_08126

Painted pumpkins are an easy and popular alternative to carving the traditional jack-o-lanterns. And the Toad pumpkins, with their small shape and interesting “warts” will add even more whimsy to your designs. Toad pumpkins are easy to grow from seed, have a bright orange color and will need approximately 85 days to grow to maturity. They weigh between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs., which is the perfect size for a project with children. The more water you give it, the more warts it will produce! You can purchase Toad pumpkin seeds from my Home Grown Seed Collection.

To get started with this painted Toad project, find your inspiration. Consider painting monster or witch faces or anything your imagination can dream. Let the shape of the pumpkin inspire your design. These will work long past Halloween, too. They can be used for indoor or outdoor fall décor well into November.

Washable paints
Toad pumpkins