Two-for-One Plant: Boxwood Basil

Once you recognize the boxwood shrub, you’ll see them everywhere. In most neighborhoods, they are more ubiquitous than speed bumps. But what if I told you the boxwood basil has the same aesthetic as the sought-after boxwood shrub, but it pulls double-duty by also being pesto-ready at any moment. And like the traditional boxwood, this basil is beautiful for edging your garden or shaping into a topiary. I bet you never thought your basil could also look like a bunny.

The leaves of the boxwood basil are smaller and more delicate, but they pack the same flavor and aroma of traditional basil. It’s the best of both worlds.  This plant grows quickly in warm weather, and you should harvest and preserve your basil before the first winter frost.


Boxwood Basil Plant Profile:
Type: Warm season annual; 60 days to harvest
Planting: Outside, after the last frost
Height: 16 inches or less
Spacing: 12 inches; also great in containers
Sun: Full sun
Water: Moderate drinker, but likes well-drained soil
Care: Pinch off the buds to extend growing time of foliage.  Feed with vegetable fertilizer when appropriate.
Preserve: Dry the leaves or freeze in plastic bags

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