Lilac Care

I have a lilac bush that has new growth every year but it never has any blooms. Would you be able to tell why this is? Is there something I should be doing? I’d appreciate your help on this.

Lilacs bloom best when planted in full sun and well-drained, alkaline soil. Plants should be fertilized with a general fertilizer in early spring and then again after the bloom cycle. To encourage blooms, substitute the general fertilizer with super phosphate, or a fertilizer high in phosphorous for your early spring feeding.

To encourage flower production remove spent blooms – cut them back to a set of leaves. This prevents seeds from developing and directs energy towards next year’s blooms.

As with other spring flower shrubs, prune after the blossoms fade. When plants become overgrown and leggy, cut back about one third of the oldest stems to ground level. This process encourages new growth from the base creating a fuller, healthier plant. Do this each year for three years.

Lilacs are susceptible to drought so be sure to give them plenty of water during dry weather.