Live Christmas Tree Care

Christmas TreesIf you are one of those people who wish they could leave their holiday decorations up year round you should consider purchasing a live Christmas tree. You can plant it in the garden and celebrate the season whenever the mood suits you!

Here are a few tips that will ensure that your living tree will flourish for many more Christmases to come.

Caring for a Live Christmas Tree

  • Success growing an evergreen tree begins with selection. You need to purchase one that will thrive in the growing conditions that exist in your garden. Live Christmas trees must be planted soon after the holiday, so they’re best suited for areas with mild winters.
  • Find out how big the tree will get so you’ll know the best location to plant it.
  • To help prepare it for indoor conditions first place the tree in an outbuilding for a few days. Before you bring it inside, slip the tree into a decorative container to hide the nursery pot or balled and burlapped roots.
  • When you do move it inside you want to make sure it’s protected from extreme conditions. Keep your tree away from sources of heat, like fireplaces and vents. And if you use Christmas lights, limit the time you have them on so they don’t heat up the tree.
  • You shouldn’t keep living trees in the house for more than seven days and when it comes to watering, just keep the root ball consistently moist.
  • When you get ready to take the tree back outside it will need to acclimate to outdoor conditions. Place it in a shelter, unheated location such as a garage or tool shed for several days before planting it in the garden.
  • Now since most Christmas tree type evergreens don’t like wet feet, make sure it is planted in an area where the soil is well drained.