Colorful Containers of Mint

Among all of the herbs I grow in my garden, mint requires absolutely the least amount of care. The varieties that most of us are familiar with are spearmint and peppermint but there are an unbelievable number of varieties of mint ranging from fruity to sweet, so why limit yourself?

One of my personal favorites is apple mint. I like its fuzzy foliage, and it also makes a nice addition to a flower arrangement. For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate mint is a treat. It has a strong minty flavor and is often added to desserts or as a garnish. And when it comes to scents, orange mint can’t be beat. It reminds me of candied orange peel, blending a sweet citrus taste with lavender tones, and it is a favorite for scenting perfumes and soaps.

Flavored Mint
Mint does well when planted in containers, and so when I go to plant my mint I like to plant them in different colored pots to remind me which mint is which flavor. I use a brown container for chocolate, red for apple, green for spearmint, and of course orange for orange. No matter which mint you choose, they all prefer humus rich, consistently moist soil and full sun, although they will also do well in partial shade.

Once the mint is potted up, you can actually plant the container itself into the ground. If you leave the lip of the pot exposed the color will help you identify the variety, but the plant will be prevented from taking over.

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