Harvesting Lavender

I have planted some lavender and it is growing beautifully! I live in central Florida and I would like to know what I can do with it to get the wonderful aroma in my house. I have cut it and brought it in but it doesn’t seem to have the smell I was hoping for. Can you help me?

I, too, am fond of the aroma of lavender, and over the years I’ve learned a few tips for gathering the blooms for bringing indoors.

I have found that the key is knowing when to harvest the plant. I cut my lavender when the buds are swollen, but have not yet opened. And I collect my lavender mid-morning after the dew has burned off, but before hot temperatures set in. Aromatic oils burn off as the day heats up, reducing the scent.

Dry lavender by spreading it out on a cloth or mat in a warm room with no direct sunlight. The sun tends to bleach the color out.