Kid Friendly Herbs

The best way I can think of to get kids interested in gardening is to give them their own space where they can take ownership of what
they grow. That’s how I got hooked. My dad set aside an area in the backyard for me to grow vegetables. As the family sat around the
table we would name all the supper ingredients that came from my little vegetable patch.


  • Selecting plants is an exciting part of gardening so allow your children to pick out what they want to grow. You can help them by making suggestions of the easier things to grow.
  • Make the connection between the things they like to eat and plants that grow in the garden. Tell them how a tomato equals pizza, peppers make cheese dip and strawberries turn into ice cream.
  • Be sure to nurture their creativity and ideas even if they differ from your own.
  • Do fun projects in the garden like building a tee-pee trellis for vining plants or a scarecrow. Aluminum pie plate wind catchers are entertaining and will keep the birds away.
  • Note your kids’ activities around the garden and what interests them and capitalize on these to make it a positive experience for them.
  • Encourage their imaginations and make sure they have some successes, even if you have to work behind the scenes a little.
  • Most importantly, spend time in the garden with your kids. This is best encouragement of all.

Project: Easy Herb Window Pots

When it comes to plants, herbs are always a good choice for the young gardeners. They are easy to care for and herbs will introduce
children to fragrance, flavor, and texture.

Here’s a project that will get your kids off to a good start in the garden with herbs planted in brightly colored pails.

  • Bright colored metal pails
  • Potting Soil
  • Herbs
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Watering Can
  1. Using the nail and hammer, punch drainage holes into the bottom of the pails.
  2. Fill the pails about two-thirds full with soil.
  3. Plant a single herb in each pail and back fill with soil.
  4. Water well and add more soil as needed.
  5. Place the pails in a spot that will receive 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.

Herbs for Children

All of these herbs from my friends at Bonnie plants have grown with relish in my garden and always delight the kids that come here to visit.

  • Spicy Globe basil has tiny, kid-sized leaves and makes a very tasty pesto.
  • Curly parsley is pretty enough to put in a vase and it freshens breath.
  • Mint grows so easily that sometimes it’s hard to contain but it has a wonderful, refreshing fragrance and flavor that tastes like toothpaste and can be used in candy and is good as a tummy settler.
  • Lemon thyme has a fragrance and flavor that youngsters will love, like lemonade in the summertime.
  • Sage has lovely blue flowers and has a strong connection to our friend the turkey and Thanksgiving.
  • Pineapple sage flowers smell and taste like chewing gum and butterflies love it.
  • Stevia, sometimes known as sweetleaf, is amazing when paired with other herbs and tasted together.