Wild Onions

How do I get rid of the wild onions that come up in my lawn? This is the first year that have been a problem and I’m finding it very hard to eradicate them.

Each spring, one of the toughest weeds I have to deal with in my flowerbeds and lawn is wild onion or garlic. Now I don’t mind a few odds and ends coming up like the occasional wild geranium or even a few dandelions. But wild onions have an offensive odor and they just seem to multiply everywhere. These little devils reproduce themselves from underground bulbs and then from seeds later in the season. It’s the little bulblets that make them so hard to deal with because they can be as deep as eight to ten inches underground.

The earth friendly way to deal with wild garlic is just to dig up the clumps. If you try to pull them up you’ll just tear off the tops and they’ll be back to haunt you.

To make your job easier, soak the area you are going to work in the night before. When you make your cut with the shovel, push it as deep into the ground as you can close to the garlic.