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Secrets for the Perfect Pie Crust

by guest writer Jennifer Burcke
(from the Naturally holiday e-mag)

When asked to declare my favorite food to prepare and enjoy with my family, the answer is simple: pie. I love to make pie almost as much as I love to eat a delicious, flaky pie crust filled to the brim with the best of what the season has to offer. If I can share that pie with friends and family, then all the better.

I was blessed with a grandmother who was a gifted pie baker. When we visited her, she would always greet me with a warm embrace and then humbly proclaim, “There might be a little pie.” My feet could barely carry me fast enough to discover what sort of pie she had made in anticipation of our arrival. More often than not, she would delight with not one, but two or three freshly baked pies cooling on the counter.

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