White Faced Black Spanish Pair

When poultry keepers in this country first discovered the Spanish they rated them as remarkable layers of large, white eggs. In fact, as late as 1895 there were many large farm flocks of Spanish and many poultry keepers who specialized in market eggs had used this breed. The great objection to them was that as chicks they were delicate. Even with this handicap, they were still great favorites with all classes of poultry keepers until after the Leghorns rose to popularity, and the hardier Black Minorcas came to America.

In temperament, the Spanish are somewhat flighty and active, though not as bad as some other Mediterranean breeds. The hens are great egg layers of large white eggs and the males are very active breeders. Thanks to their active nature Spanish are good foragers and require a tall fence or an enclosure with a top to prevent them from flying over.

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