Twin Sister Gatehouse Cottages: A Beacon of Sustainable Architecture at Moss Mountain Farm

The heart of every thriving farm lies not just in its lush landscapes and flora, but also in the architectural brilliance that aids in harmonizing with the land. The Twin Sister Gatehouse Cottages at Moss Mountain Farm embody this vision.

In 2020, we broke ground at Moss Mountain Farm, and the inception of the Twin Sister Gatehouse Cottages has been nothing short of exhilarating. Designed by the renowned Lew Oliver, the cottages emanate a sense of regal stature. With a mere 30 feet between them, their tall and slender design presents them as sentinels – standing guard and welcoming visitors.

The facades of these cottages are deliberately pronounced. Oliver’s genius in making the front appear larger than the actual size of the building is to bestow upon it a powerful scale. While they may seem small on the outside, step inside, and you’re met with an airiness brought about by high ceilings. These are not just spaces; they are modern sanctuaries tailored for contemporary living.

Our choice of construction material was not just about aesthetics; it was also a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Partnering with Extreme Panel Technologies (EPT), we chose a building method that treads lightly on our Earth. EPT panels present a far more eco-friendly and energy-efficient option compared to traditional stick-built methods. Think of it: a house fully constructed “in the dry” by two men in under 5 days. This is not just construction; it’s a revolution!

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Extreme Panel Technologies and Matt Risinger from the Build Show for a Builders Review. This episode delves deep into the wonders of Extreme SIPs. Matt also interviews builder and developer, Matthew Churnock from Navigate Affordable Housing, who has made the switch to using Extreme SIPs in his projects. It’s a comprehensive look, answering all your burning questions about Extreme SIPs. From cost implications to the advantages of choosing Extreme SIPs over traditional stick framing – we’ve got it all covered.

If the aforementioned has piqued your interest and you’re in the Pass Christian Mississippi vicinity, I urge you to mark October 4th on your calendar. Join Extreme Panel Technologies for a Site Demo followed by a Grill Out. It’s an event tailored for those looking to get a firsthand experience of the marvels of energy-efficient building using Extreme SIPs.

At Moss Mountain Farm, the Twin Sister Gatehouse Cottages are not just architectural masterpieces; they are beacons of sustainable building. As we pave the way forward, I remain committed to innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient design, bringing beauty and sustainability hand in hand.

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