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Landscape Design Leadership in Atlanta

Engaging the Next Generation of Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects in Atlanta

Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA

Allen Smith and Lew Oliver were excited to engage and review the work of talented graduate students at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture.  On April 5th, Allen and Lew joined Ellen Dunham-Jones to review and critique students on their current work.  The focus was reimagining an underutilized asset of Atlanta, turning a lost opportunity into an improvement for local residents and pedestrians.  Allen and Lew’s visit allowed for cross pollination of ideas and inspiration for industry veterans, practitioners, students and academics.

Such engagements bring private business to the halls of education and benefit both parties.  The students learn from practicing professionals the insights from the many job sites and environments Allen and Lew have encountered, and the students are able to share cutting edge technologies and techniques not widely adopted.  The result is a stronger foundation for both parties to design and improve the built landscape.   

Environmental preservation and cultural conservation are both very important to P. Allen Smith and Lew Oliver, who frequently partner on development projects throughout the United States.  

Mentorship is critical for knowledge transfer, forging relationships and developing new solutions.  Please consider sharing your talents with promising students in your region.  See images from the day below:

Allen, Lew Oliver and Ellen Dunham-Jones at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture.

Lew Oliver P. Allen Smith Ellen Dunham-Jones Georgia Tech Architecture


P. Allen and a student review a landscape design–Allen firmly believes in the importance of hand drawing as part of the design process.

P. Allen Smith Atlanta Landscape Design Review


Lew Oliver and Ellen Dunham-Jones review important site characteristics students considered in their design solutions.

Lew Oliver shares his design solutions with students during the critique session.

An interior shot of the Georgia Tech School of Architecture–inspired design inspires us all!

Inside perspective of a building at Georgia Tech School of Architecture


P. Allen Smith Bunny Williams Houston

Texas Design Week with Flower Magazine

P. Allen Smith Speaks at Texas Design Week and Flower Magazine’s Design in Bloom Event, Houston (March 2019).

The P. Allen Smith team was excited to participate in Flower Magazine’s “Design in Bloom” symposium at the Houston Design Center.  

Allen arrives at the Houston Design Center bright and early to meet the Flower Magazine team to prepare for the event.  The talented Julie Durk can be seen in beautiful pink to the left.

Allen discusses garden design and furniture at the Houston Design Center.  Lee Industries is a favorite vendor of Allen’s, with their work featured prominently at Moss Mountain Farm. 

This event was a component of Texas Design week and supported by both Flower Magazine and Paper City.  


Allen Smith joined a talented group of fellow designers including Bunny Williams, Jeffrey Dungan, and Ariella Chezar, with moderation by the floral queen–Margot Shaw.

Allen poses with fellow speakers prior to the design panel discussion.  Moderation by Margot Shaw.

Design in Bloom Houston Participants
Design in Bloom Houston Participants



Margot introduces P. Allen Smith.


The panelists discuss their favorite flower!  Guess which one is Allen’s (in March)?

…think you know the answer?  See Allen’s response below…

And, in case you were wondering how Allen keeps flowers blooming throughout season in Arkansas, he reveals his secret weapon in the clip below:  

Allen discusses his relationship with the land and importance of conservation:

Allen poses with the talented team at Thorntree Slate & Marble at Jeffrey Dungan’s presentation.

Thorntree Slate & Marble and P. Allen Smith



Allen posing with a new friend (with Arkansas connections) before his presentation.  Always nice to connect the dots!

P. Allen Smith at Houston Design Center

Margot Shaw of Flower Magazine introduces Allen.

Allen hanging out with a few new friends prior to his presentation, Houston is so friendly!

Jessica of Flower Magazine was incredible and made sure all the technology was perfectly handled — thank you, Jessica!

Jessica P. Allen Smith
Jessica and P. Allen Smith

Allen discusses the design of the front door of Moss Mountain Farm and working with decorative materials in a creative and authentic manner.

Allen discusses how he color blocks with SunPatiens at Moss Mountain Farm.

P. Allen Smith SunPatien
P. Allen Smith demonstrates and explains how he colorblocks with SunPatiens at Moss Mountain Farm at Texas Design Week with Flower Magazine



…and a description of using SunPatiens — amazing for punches of color…




Allen also colorblocks with his favorite March flower — the Daffodil!



As a long term passion of Allen’s, poultry also has a long and distinguished history.  Allen explains to the gathering poultry’s Royal background and also his commitment to building trans-Atlantic preservation relationships.  


Allen introduces two important Moss Mountain Farm personalities–our two Scottish Terriers–Culzean and Chatsworth!


Allen explains the design inspiration of the architecture of Moss Mountain Farm


Allen poses with new Houston friends who were able to buy the very last book available for signing!

Best Landscape Design in Houston

The talented Jeffrey Dungan presents several of his award winning projects around the country.



Bunny Williams takes stage.



Bunny discusses the importance of unique pieces with her interior designs.  




Margot introduces Ariella Chezar.



Allen discusses Margot Shaw’s beautiful new book, Living Floral.  P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm Ferme Ornee property is profiled.  

P. Allen Smith Living Floral
P. Allen Smith discusses Margot Shaw’s Living Floral at Texas Design Week in Houston, March 2019



Thank you to the PaperCity, Flower Magazine, Houston Design Center, Post Oak Hotel and Texas Design week professionals and volunteers who made this an enjoyable, stimulating and creative event!