P. Allen Smith in St. Louis

The Order of St John

An Evening with P. Allen Smith

Thomas Jefferson’s Historic Tour of Important English Homes


Allen joined the Order of St. John at the Deer Creek Club in the fashionable Ladue neighborhood of St Louis this past Thursday, April 4th, 2019.  The event was made possible by the generous support of Ann Case.

The intimate gathering was an opportunity for guests to discuss with Allen garden and landscape design, preservation and conservation efforts and his work at Moss Mountain Farm, Mr. Smith’s 650-acre Arkansas Ferme Ornée.  The event benefits the philanthropic work of the Order, with proceeds going to support American veterans and the St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital. Cocktails were followed by a meal adapted from Allen’s cookbook, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden, by the talented cook Ryan Boulware.  Handsome, designer tabletop floral were produced by David J. Bovier, owner of Ken Miesner’s Flower Shoppe, Ladue with thoughtful finishing touches by Polly Jones.  The evening was inspired, designed and organized under the leadership of Dr. Shawn Merys.


Mr. Smith’s presentation was focused on Thomas Jefferson’s tour of important English homes and Allen’s own experiences studying garden and landscape design in England as a graduate student.  Chiswick, Monticello and Mr. Smith’s own Moss Mountain Farm featured prominently and demonstrated the continuity of classic design elements throughout history. Mr. Smith also discussed the conservation work Mr. Jefferson was involved with throughout his lifetime and the inspiration this has had for Allen’s own work.


St. Louis is a favorite city for Mr. Smith, with several close friends, garden design clients and preservation efforts that Mr. Smith has been involved with for over two decades.  Previously, Mr. Smith has supported conservation and fundraising efforts at Tower Grove Park.


The Order of St John is an international humanitarian organization that provides healthcare to high at-risk populations.  This evening’s event was held by the St. Louis Regional Council of the Priory. Special thanks go to the evening’s patrons:  Shawn C. Merys, MD, MPH, Ann Case, Mark Critchfield, Jane Piper Gleason, Brian Abel Ragen, PhD and volunteers Shawn C. Merys, MD, MPH, Brian Abel Ragen, PhD, Ann Case, Jane Piper Gleason, Sheryl Meyering, PhD, Polly Jones, Frederick H. Atwood, III.  


Please consider supporting the Order of St John with your charitable activities (website: https://www.saintjohn.org/).  


The Order of St. John

Thomas Jefferson’s Historic Tour of Important English Homes

Deer Creek Club