The Garden Tool You Shouldn’t Live Without

Whether you’re just getting into gardening or have been growing flowers and veggies for years, you need the right tools to get your plants in tip-top shape. Good, durable garden tools go a long way in making all those garden chores a little more enjoyable.

Find out which tool you should add to your collection today.

What best describes your gardening experience RIGHT NOW?

1. I want to create a small garden of my own, but I don’t even know which tools I need to get started.

You need the Gardening Tool Set, with everything you need to get your garden started. You’ll get a:

  • Trowel with Gel Handle, great for transplanting large annuals, perennials, and ornamental grasses
  • Weeder with Gel Grip. This forked weeder is good for those stubborn weeds like dandelions.
  • Aluminum Fork with Gel Grip for loosening the top layer of soil or mulch for air and water penetration or for mixing fertilizer, compost, or other amendments into the soil.
  • Aluminum Transplanter with Gel Grip. The blade is graduated from 1” to 4” so you can plant at the correct depth. The narrow blade design is great for transplanting small annuals, a variety of bulbs, and digging weeds.
  • Aluminum Cultivator for regular cultivation to discourage weed growth.

2. I’ve been gardening for a while, but the weeding is killing me, especially in those hard-to-reach places in the garden.

Get your hands on the Long Handled Cape Cod Weeder and Trowel Set. The extended handle design allows you to reach into raised beds and row crops easier. You can also use these from your favorite garden scooter, bench or chair.

3. I love spending time in the garden, but kneeling to plant my vegetables and flowers and bending down to weed and harvest are taking a toll on my knees and back. I don’t want to give up my favorite hobby though.

You don’t have to! Try the Leonard Garden Scoot. You won’t have to strain your back or knees from squatting down to do chores. This Scoot is designed with a basket for storing tools and transporting dirt and yard clippings.

4. I’ve neglected my containers and raised beds for a while and they look a bit messy. What tools do I need so that I can clean things up and maintain them?

With the Ready for Bed Maintenance Kit, you’ll have everything you need to dig out weeds, sharpen bed edges, and remove weeds. The Deluxe Soil Knife and 1286 Pruner will help you get your garden back in shape. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a knife sheath and a pair of comfortable gloves to protect your hands. The Gardener’s Hollow Leg allows you to deposit clippings and weeds conveniently into the bag as you go.

5. I grow vegetables in containers now and want to add some raised beds to my property. I don’t have a place for storing a wheelbarrow or cart, and I just can’t carry bags of soil, compost, and other heavy items across the yard.

You’re in luck! The GardenGlide is an alternative to traditional carts and barrows. With a low design, the GardenGlide makes it easy to roll heavy objects onto the glide. It will move smoothly over grass, dirt, or concrete. And, it’s easy to store in a small space!



*All photos courtesy of Gardener’s Edge.

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