Poultry Workshop FAQs

We are so excited to have you join us for the 10th Poultry Workshop on September 16, 2017! Whether you have had your own flock for a while or are new to raising poultry, you’ll learn all the tricks for having happy, healthy birds. Below we’ll cover some frequently asked questions we receive from workshop attendees.

  1. Will I be able to buy chickens at the Poultry Workshop?

Yes, we will have several breeds of heritage chickens for sale at the Poultry Workshop. The gates will open to workshop participants at 8:30 AM, so you will have an hour before the workshop begins to look around and claim your bird.

Please note that you will need to bring appropriate transportation crates for any birds you buy.

  1.  Can I come to the farm to purchase a bird without a ticket to the workshop?

The poultry for sale is available only to those holding a ticket for the workshop. Besides, once you’re at the farm, you wouldn’t want to miss all the fun that’s in store with the workshop!

  1.  I only want to purchase certain breeds of poultry. Do you have a list of what breeds will be available at the workshop?

Poultry Workshop FAQsYou can see the list of poultry breeds we’ll have for sale here.

  1. Do I need to bring lunch with me?

Absolutely not! We’ll be serving lunch as part of the workshop, highlighting recipes from Allen’s cookbook, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden.

  1. What demonstrations/workshops will be offered?

This year, we have several workshops and demonstrations from which you can choose. You’ll learn from our poultry experts everything you need to know about taking care of your home flock. Visit this page to see the workshop descriptions and presenters’ bios.

  1. I just signed up for the Fall Poultry Workshop. How do I select which demonstrations I’d like to attend?

We’re so excited to have you at the Poultry Workshop this fall! Within a week of reserving your spot, you’ll receive an email from us with a form that allows you to enter your workshop preferences. Check the email that you gave us when you signed up.

  1. Will I get to tour Moss Mountain Farm as part of the Poultry Workshop?

You will get a guided tour of Poultryville from Allen and learn about his work with heritage poultry breeds. You will also have the option of taking a guided tour of the gardens in the afternoon. Allen’s house will not be open to guests on the day of the Poultry Workshop. If that’s something you’d like to see, we’d love to have you back for a lunch tour.

  1. What is the plan if the weather is bad?

The Poultry Workshop goes on rain or shine! Bring your rain boots and an umbrella if the forecast shows that we are expecting rain.