7 Plants for Your Low-Light Office

7 plants for your low-light office
Peace Lily

Studies show that those of us with plants in our offices are more productive and have lower levels of stress. We all know that having certain plants indoors helps remove air pollutants. How can we not get on board with greening our office spaces, especially with some low-maintenance plants?

Now, we’re not all lucky enough to have windows or natural light in our offices, so here’s a list of plants that will thrive in your low-light office.

7 Plants that Thrive in Low-Light

        • 7 plants for your low-light office

          Philodendron – This ubiquitous houseplant is so easy to care for. If you choose the vining variety, give it something to grow on or against. Water only when the soil feels dry.

        • ZZ plant  – The ZZ plant is a native of Africa and can survive in an office that only has fluorescent light. If you forget about the plant for a while, it should be okay since it can handle dry conditions. When the top inch of the soil is dry, it’s time for water.
        • 7 plants for your low-light office

          Draecaena – I love draecaena for a pop of color in an office. It’s a pretty low maintenance plant and only needs water whenever the soil feels dry.

        • Moth orchid – Having an orchid plant in your office is a great way to add some color–and there are so many to choose from! Most people kill their orchids by over-watering them, so less is more with these beauties. When the bark or moss that the plants grows in feels dry, only then should you water it.
        • Spider Plant – This plant thrives in low-light and can be used in a basket or on a tabletop. Water moderately during the growth stage then keep soil slight moist. Mist your spider plant during the winter.
    • 7 plants for your low-light office
      Spider Plant

      Peace Lily – This plant produces gorgeous white blooms. Even when it’s not in bloom, though, the mound of deep green leaves is just beautiful! The plant requires regular watering to prevent wilting.

  • Parlor Palm – This plant is native to Mexico, and is a great statement piece for an office. It can grow to about four feet tall. Water your parlor palm when the soil feels dry. Mist in the winter.