7 Ways to Grow Food in Small Spaces

You don’t need a yard to have a garden. You just have to get creative with the space you have. If you have a patio or balcony, you can have a garden. Even if all you have is a window, you can grow some food. All your plants need is some sunshine and a little love. 

7  Ways to Grow Plants in Small Spaces

  1. Plant in a window box. You can grow the makings of a salad in a window box—lettuce, radishes, spinach, and green onion. And don’t forget about herbs, which can grow just about anywhere. A window box is great for growing strawberries too.
  2. Hang planters on your balcony railings. First of all, make sure you select a sturdy planter that is either self-watering or has a removable water reservoir tray to catch drips. You can grow leafy greens or make a little herb garden. Incorporate some edible flowers like nasturtiums as well.
    7 Ways to Grow Food in Small Spaces peppers
  3. Make the most of sunny spots. Chili peppers and sweet peppers need plenty of sun and grow well in containers. Herbs grow well in full sun too, especially basil.
  4. Make your planters mobile. Before you start planting, think about whether you will need to move your containers, especially the big ones. Setting them on a caddy or adding casters to the pots will allow you to wheel them from shade to sun or from outside to inside should the temperatures drop.
  5. Grow vertically. Plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and green beans grow well in containers and 7 Ways to Grow Food in Small Spaces Cucumberscan grow vertically to save you some precious space. Add a trellis or pole to the container, depending on what you’re growing. Make sure the containers are deep enough to accommodate the plants’ roots. For tomatoes, add a cage around the container to support the weight of the plant as it grows.
  6. Hanging baskets – Leafy greens, certain varieties of strawberries and tomatoes, and herbs all do well in hanging 7 Ways to Grow Food in Small Spacesbaskets. Edible flowers like marigolds that also help deter pests can be incorporated with your edibles as well.
    You’ll need your basket to have good drainage. A basket liner to protect the soil and plant roots will be handy too. Since you have to think about weight, use lightweight potting mix instead of garden soil.
  1. Rethink buckets. You wouldn’t believe what you can grow in a 5-gallon bucket. They may not be the most glamorous container, but they are affordable and handy, especially when it comes to moving your plants as needed. You’ll need to create a drainage hole before you get started. Potatoes and beets will do well in the bucket, as will carrots–just make sure you take into consideration the root system and the depth of the bucket.