How I Use SunPatiens Around Moss Mountain Farm

It’s always an exciting day when SunPatiens arrive at the farm! When I see them coming off the truck, the ideas start flowing. I think about where I’m going to plant them, which colors I’ll plant together and which containers or beds I’ll put them in. With the various types and colors of SunPatiens, it’s easy to incorporate them all over the property.

When I was thinking about what to put in the large terracotta pots on my porch for the summer, I knew SunPatiens were the perfect choice. I wanted to choose a color that would pop against the house and go with my favorite coral chairs. I knew Compact Blush Pink would be perfect!

What I especially love about SunPatiens is how low-maintenance they are. Aside from regular watering, they require very little care. And they thrive in sun or partial shade too and produce nonstop blooms, from spring through frost.

Not long after they arrived, I got to work planting the SunPatiens in the terra cotta containers. I used a well-drained soil, gave them plenty of water and placed the containers in the sun. About a week later, I moved them under the porch where they’ve flourished.

Growing SunPatiens in Containers, Baskets & in the Gardensunpatiens

  • Plant in well-drained soil.
  • Incorporate a slow release fertilizer at half the label rate into the soil (if the soil you’re using doesn’t already contain fertilizer).
  • Water plants well after planting until they are established (7-10 days).
  • You don’t need to remove old flowers or cut off older growth. New leave and flowers will cover the old blooms.

Generally, SunPatiens should not be cut back. If you plant a vigorous variety that gets taller than desired in mid- to late summer, then take off the top one-third of growth. If you follow these easy growing tips, you’ll have an abundance of beautiful blooms for three seasons.

I love sitting out on the porch after a long day with a good book or a cocktail. Sometimes Duncan joins me, and we take in the beauty of the farm punctuated by the SunPatiens’ colorful blooms.

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