Grow on the Vertical with a DIY Trellis

Plants like support, and quite often, providing support is easier than you think. We crafted a homemade trellis out of scrap 2x2s and twine. It’s an easy weekend project and your plants will thank you!



Wood staking: 3 long pieces and 4 shorter pieces
Wood screws
Screw driver or screw gun
Measuring tape



Measure out the area you’d like to cover. Decide your height to requirements and then add a few inches to account for the depth in the soil.

For example, I wanted my trellis 5 feet tall, so I cut three pieces 64 inches in length for the height. Then stick them in the ground and measure the distance between them.

That’s the length of your 4 horizontal pieces. Using a hammer or a drill, attach horizontal to verticals, making two squares. Place in the ground again. Tie hemp rope to bottom supporting piece. Then loop around top and bottom until you reach the next vertical piece.  Tie off and start again on the second area.

Voila! A space-saving place for plants to grow.

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