Harvest the Rain with a Trash Can Barrel

Harvesting rainwater has many benefits, like saving money on your water bill and reducing your demand on conventional water sources. So you’re getting your water for free, but did you know that rainwater is really good for your plants?

Nitrogen is generally the most important nutrient for your plants. It’s what’s responsible for their green color, as it’s a major component of chlorophyll. A lot of the nitrogen available to humans is in the atmosphere. Some of that nitrogen can actually be imparted to rainwater as it falls, and your plants will get a little boost of nitrogen.

Many local governments promote harvesting rainwater, and some even give out rain barrels for free to encourage citizens to save their own water. If your local govt doesn’t provide free rain barrels, there’s an easy way to make one yourself. We made one for less than $100 out of simple materials purchased from a local home improvement store. It took less than 10 minutes to put together.

What You Need for Your Rain Barrel

1 32 gallon trash can
1 roll of window screen
1 90-foot hose
1 nozzle set
1 set of 3 conduit locknuts
2 ½” inch boiler drains
4 flat metal washers
4 rubber washers

Utility knife
Staple gun (optional)
Dremel tool (optional)

See the assembly instructions in action: