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Trash Can Rain Barrel

1 32 Gallon trashcan
1 roll of window screen
1 90 foot hose
1 Nozzle set
1 set of 3 conduit locknuts
2 1/2 inch boiler drains
4 flat metal washers
4 rubber washers

Utility knife
Staple Gun (optional)
Dremel tool (optional)

1. Make sure trash clean is clean.

2. Use the utility knife to cut a hole in the trash can for the faucet several inches from the bottom of the can. The rubber washers will keep any of your harvested rainwater from leaking out of your rain barrel, but be careful not to make the hole too big.

3. Thread the metal washer onto the faucet first then the rubber washer.

4. Place the faucet through the hole and put another rubber washer on the inside of the trash can.

5. Use the pliers to help screw the locknut on tightly. The tighter you get it screwed on the less likely you are to have leaks.

6. Repeat this process for the second faucet several inches from the top of the trash can. This will act as an overflow valve.

7. Lay the screen over the top of the trash can and cut enough to cover the top.

8. Tie cut screen with twine around the rim of the trash can (staple gun is optional).

9. Use the scissors to trim off the excess screen.

10. Using the utility knife cut out an opening in the lid of the trash can. This will be the intake for the downspout from your gutters. Put the lid on over the screen and your rain barrel is complete.

11. To install a rain barrel, cut down your waterspout to desired height using a utility knife or Dremel tool. Then, reattach curvy part of a waterspout and set your rain barrel underneath lining up with the hole cut on top of the lid.

12. You can also attach a hose at the bottom faucet for watering your lawn and landscape.