DIRT, can you dig it?


Ever thought about the importance of dirt? You know, that stuff you walk on every day. In the hustle and bustle of life, we often fail to notice the significant roles that the Earth’s various elements play. We all know how important water is but Dirt, despite its endless functions, is literally overlooked. Dirt is the anchor for building foundations, the preventer of floods, the vessel for wells, a buffer against metals buried deeper in our planet’s crust, and the sustainer of all our food sources.

As a gardener, we’re certain you consider dirt more than most. With your hands dug in, you’ve probably cursed clay, hated sand, been thankful for a good rainfall, and maybe even laboriously composted your way to a rich soil full of recycled nutrients. That’s where we come in. After a lifetime spent getting dirty in the garden and on the farm, we knew our flowers and crops were yearning for an easy alternative to composting and yet a safer way than harmful man-made soil additives – our family and our Earth deserves better.

So we did our research (lots of it) and we set out to find a living soil. With our daughter in tow wearing her rain boots, we trudged through a wetland of peat moss and discovered the overwhelming benefits of a renewable bog. We worked with a harvester in the midst of Canada’s lush landscape to develop and license BogBits. And we created a line of products, enthused with love (& some plant probiotics) that we feel great about. Our potting mix and soil conditioner improve porosity so roots can breathe while increasing the soil’s innate capacity to capture and maintain just the right amount of water; all the while, using our Earth’s naturally occurring nutrients to benefit soil instead of potentially harmful chemicals.

The name is simple and our promise to users is as well – a sustainable soil that will produce a successful planting season. Why are we so passionate about dirt? Because gardening cultivates more than just plants; for us, it is a way of life and time spent outside, is food for the soul. With respect for the Earth and what we put back into it, we’d like to invite you to try GOOD DIRT and let us know what you, your family, your pets, and your garden think of it. We hope you dig GOOD DIRT as much as we do.

Al & Suzy Newsom
Founders, GOOD DIRT