Frost Blankets

Protecting the plants in our gardens against an early frost is an autumn ritual we’re all familiar with. Draping the garden with old sheets, plastic and even newspaper for a little protection is the common defense. But there is a product available that makes sheltering our plants from chilly temperatures much easier.

Fabrics often referred to as garden blankets, or quilts, have been designed to help keep vulnerable plants snug in the garden.

Now there are some advantages to using garden blankets over plastic in a fall garden. Plastic can damage plants on warm, sunny days. The heat builds up under the plastic and if it touches the leaves they can be scorched. Unlike plastic sheeting you can leave garden blankets on plants without harming them. The lightweight material allows air, water and sunlight through, all of which are vital for plant growth.

Frost BlanketGarden blankets come in various weights. One of the heaviest can provide frost protection down to 24 degrees F.

Not only can they help when frost threatens, but they will also allow your young plants a chance to get off to a good start by protecting them from insects, rabbits, birds, and other wildlife who can make your garden one of their favorite places to snack.

By covering your plants with garden blankets in the fall, you can help to extend the gardening season and since they are so durable, with a little care, you can use them year after year.